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Converting Conversations to Customers

nicky-kriel-with-converting-conversations-bookIf you are a small business who likes to think big and you are serious about growing your business, then this book is written for you. Converting Conversations to Customers: The Essential Guide to Social Media Sales Success gives you practical tips for how to use Social Media, especially LinkedIn and Twitter, to find customers and increase sales. It includes the five key elements you need for successful social selling:

  1. How to ATTRACT customers by personal branding and content
  2. How to DISCOVER customers through listening and search
  3. How to NURTURE relationships until people are ready to buy from you
  4. How to CONVERT online conversations to sales
  5. How to MEASURE the results of your activities.

You will also learn:

  • How to use Social Media as part of your business strategy
  • How to optimise your LinkedIn and Twitter profiles
  • How to find the right customers using LinkedIn and Twitter
  • How to listen for opportunities on Social Media
  • How to engage online with potential and existing customers
  • How to increase sales without cold calling or being salesy
  • How to measure the results that matter
  • And much more…

This book will show how social selling can help business increase sales in a personal way. If you don’t have a big budget or a sales department, you’ll find the practical tips very useful and easy to implement.




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Photo credit: Dani Maimone – Aim High PR





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These are a series of interviews that I did with Alan Donegan of PopUp Business School. Alan is one of the contributors to my book.