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Online Social Media ReviewGet better results with an Online Social Media Review

Have you started using Social Media because everyone has told you, that you SHOULD be using it and so far you haven’t seen the positive results for your business that you were expecting? An online social media review can help you.

It may be a matter of making some important adjustments to your profiles and accounts, thinking more strategically about the content you share and making sure you use your time effectively.

The problem is that anyone can set up a Facebook Page, a Twitter Account or a LinkedIn Profile, but most people have no idea how to use them as a marketing tool.  Most people have no idea how to optimise the different platforms, what content to post and how to get their audience to take action.

What Your Online Social Media Review will cover

  • Are you using the best tools available?
  • Do your Social Media activities fit in with your business objectives?
  • Are your Social Media accounts optimised for search?
  • Do you have consistent branding across all your sites?
  • Is your Social Media activity driving traffic to your website?
  • Are you struggling to build engagement with your audience on your accounts?
  • Are you unsure of what you should be posting and how often?
  • Do you need help converting fans and followers into paying customers?

Are you missing out on opportunities to raise awareness, increase sales and build loyalty among your customers?

If someone searching for your products or skills online can’t find you, they will go elsewhere no matter how fabulous you are.

Social Media, when done right, really is a powerful marketing tool that will boost your visibility and attract more traffic, leads, clients and opportunities.

Now, here’s a way to get help with how to use Social Media to grow your business…

Book a Social Media Review with Nicky Kriel

Find out how to boost your visibility, share your expertise and attract the right clients

Get the expert advice you need to makeover your Social Media presence and get better results. You’ll learn:

  • What you should STOP doing
  • What you should START doing
  • What you should CONTINUE doing

You’ll find out what may be holding you back and see things from a different perspective through a fresh set of expert eyes.

What you get with your Social Media Review:

  • Personal one-on-one social media marketing review with Nicky Kriel
  • Recommendations for actions to be taken
  • Tips for the best use of your resources

We’ll get together online and do an in-depth 60-minute review of your current activities via Zoom. We’ll share our screen as we go. You will learn how and what to optimise to get better results so you can sell more products and services.

How the Online Social Media Review works:

  • You book a no obligation Free Social Media Clarity Call so I can find out more about your business and your objectives
  • Once we decide to go ahead with the online review, we agree to a timeframe for the review
  • I send you through questions to get you to think about what you want to get out of Social Media for your business and you purchase the online review session
  • You provide me with the answers and with links to your website and your social media sites
  • I will then spend time reviewing and analysing your current social media activities
  • We get together for the in-depth Social Media Review Session. I’ll share what I have discovered, give you a critique and recommendations for changes you need to make to get better results with your available resources.

Investment in the online social media review:


Start by booking your FREE SOCIAL MEDIA CLARITY CALL now.

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