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Social Media Strategy & Social Media Coaching

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the choices that you need to make on Social Media? Which platforms should you be using, which tools, what content should you post and how often?

Are you feeling frustrated that your Social Media activities seem to suck your time and yet you can’t see the results on your bottom line?

Have you started up Social Media accounts because you felt that you should have a Social Media presence, but lack the enthusiasm to keep updating them and you never seem to get any interaction when you do?Continue reading

Social Media Strategy


Do you have a Social Media Strategy?

Did you start using Social Media because everyone has told you, that you SHOULD be using it?  You opened up Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts and are now wondering why they aren’t working for you.

Maybe, you are feeling overwhelmed with how much time you spend on Social Media.  Time is a precious resource, can you afford to waste more of it?

Or perhaps, you are thinking of starting to use Social Media, but are not sure where to begin and what to do?

  • Which are the best Social Media platforms for your business?
  • How do your Social Media goals fit in with your business objectives?
  • What time and resources you have available and how to use them efficiently
  • How to measure your Social Media efforts

Are you feeling left behind while everyone gets on board with Social Media?  Are you missing out on opportunities to raise awareness, increase sales and build loyalty among your customers?

Do you need some help finding your way through the Social Media jungle?

Social Media, when done right, really is a powerful marketing tool that will build awareness of your business and attract more traffic, leads, clients and opportunities.

Now, here’s a way to get help with how to use Social Media to grow your business…

Time for your Social Media Strategy

Book the online Socia Media Strategy Programme with Nicky Kriel

Find out how to boost your visibility, share your expertise and attract the right clients

Get the expert advice you need to build your Social Media presence and get better results for your business.

What you get when you book your Social Media Strategy Coaching Programme:

  • Initial 30 minute Welcome Call
  • Social Media strategy online course delivered to your inbox
  • Coaching via email prior to the consultation
  • 1-2-1 Consultation with Nicky Kriel (45 minutes online)
  • A better understanding of how Social Media can help your business
  • You will learn how to use Social Media strategically for your business
  • You will get tips for the best use of your resources

The reason for doing the course and answering the questions first is that it allows the time we spend together to be focused on developing the best Social Media Strategy for your business.

Nicky Kriel Social Media OnlineBefore our 1-2-1 Social Media Consultation:

  • You have a Welcome Call
  • Provide me with links to your website and your Social Media Sites.
  • You complete the Social Media Strategy modules
  • You answer the coaching questions to help me (and you) understand a bit more about your business

Start working on your Social Media Strategy now.

Investment: £495

Once your payment has been received you will get an email giving you a link to book your welcome call, details of the course and how to schedule your Social Media Strategy Consultation with Nicky Kriel.
I signed up for Nicky’s social media strategy programme because I didn’t understand how social media could help me with my business. I am much clearer now. The package included bite-sized online training (videos and written text), online questions which I answered and Nicky coached me on – parts of which really made me think! Plus a 1-1 session where I picked Nicky’s brain. Nicky is delightful and gave me a huge amount of value, more than I was expecting. I highly recommend Nicky – she really knows her social media stuff!
Jo Maughan , Your Thinking Partner

* Every effort has been made to accurately represent this program and its potential. Please remember that your success depends on your background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavour, there is no certain guarantee that you will earn any money.