11 Easy Ways to Optimise Your Twitter Profile

11 Easy Ways to optimise your twitter profileHave you optimised your Twitter Profile since you created it? First impressions count. Your Twitter Profile may be repelling the exact people that you may want to attract to do business with you. Today is a good day to have an objective review of what your Twitter profile says about you and your business. And make some improvements.

Make sure that when people look at your Twitter Profile that they want to follow, connect, or talk to you. Put out good content in your Tweets and attract other people to you by what they find on your profile. Just because Twitter doesn’t have much space to display your expertise, doesn’t mean that you can afford to ignore your personal branding on Twitter.

Reasons to Optimise your Twitter Profile

Twitter is fast moving and if someone doesn’t follow you the first time they check out your Twitter profile, there is a good chance that they will never visit your Twitter profile again.  Make sure you use every available place to create the best first impression. You may only have 160 characters for your bio, but your personality comes across in other places in your profile including your Tweets. People get to know you one Tweet at a time.

#1 Your Twitter bio and Tweets are searchable

Did you know your Twitter bio and Tweets are indexed on Google?

  • Your bio can appear in Google searches: Make sure your bio includes your keywords (or keyword phrases). Change your bio every few months just to keep it fresh. I believe, but I don’t know for a fact, that as it’s Google indexed, it is seen as fresh content by search engines. But even if it isn’t, it is good to see if you can tweak it to make it work even better for you
  • People search on Twitter: People use keywords when they are looking for people to follow. Twitter will suggest tweets and people relevant to the search.
  • Twitter suggests accounts to follow: When you follow people, Twitter recommends people to follow. This is based not only on who you follow and are following but also by the words used in your bio. Unless you use the right words, Twitter won’t recommend your account.

Remember: Use words that people are likely to use when they are searching for your service or product rather than industry jargon

#2 Professional Branding

You cannot hide behind your business name and your logo and expect people to know, like and trust you. If you have a big company it’s worth having a separate business account. For most small business owners tweeting for business, you are going to get more traction if you let people know that you are a fellow human being. Quite often, people only show their logo and their business name while their Tweets are all business related, which is fine if you just want bots to follow you. More people will connect with people, and showing that you are human is a great way to start a relationship.

The one advantage of being a small business is that who you are, makes you unique. Don’t feel scared of putting a little bit of your personality online. I’m not suggesting you air your dirty laundry in public, but I do suggest that you allow a little of yourself to ebb through on Twitter so that people can relate to you. As the saying goes, ‘Be yourself; everybody else is already taken.’

#3 Attract the right customers

Attract the Right Customers

Illustrated by Herve G-Werty

If you want people to connect with you, it is easier to do business with those that are like you, and you can tell a lot in a tweet! Your personality does come through—if you allow yourself to be real. The social element of how you relate to other people shows other people who you are as a person.

‘Today, you are you; that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.’ – Dr Seuss

#4 Your Twitter Profile may be stopping people from following you

Unless you are a celebrity or a household name, people will not follow people without a bio. Would you follow an ‘egg’ with no bio filled in?

Here are some of the things that will stop people from following you

  • Incomplete profiles
  • Badly filled in bios
  • Typos and grammar mistakes
  • Too many hashtags in the bio
  • Follower/following ratio

I’ve previously written about your Twitter Bio in this post:

4 Reasons to Review your Twitter Bio Today

How to Optimise your Twitter Profile

Twitter doesn’t have as much space to show your expertise, but make sure you check all these areas within your profile for personal branding opportunities:
1. Profile picture
2. Bio
3. Banner
4. Twitter name and username
5. Link to website
6. Photos and Videos
7. Pinned posts
8. Tweets
9. Location
10. Following/Follower ratio
11. Make sure your profile is public

#1 Your Twitter Profile Picture

People do business with people that they know, like, and trust. So, how do you do this on Twitter? Firstly, a profile picture is the part of your branding that people see straight away. Photos of people work, and some much better than pictures of logos. There may be a reason you want to have a logo there, but people connect with people, and eyes connect with eyes.
A head-and-shoulder photograph, with a smile, and where you look approachable and recognisable is great. Ideally, a picture of yourself will have your eyes pointing toward your Tweets because we instinctively look in the direction that someone else is looking.

#2 What to Write in Your Twitter Bio

How much time and thought has gone into writing your Twitter bio? When you set up your Twitter Profile, how much thought did you put into your bio? Maybe you filled in a few words and planned to come back to it later?

Your Twitter bio is 160 characters. You don’t want it to be a sales pitch because, if you make it too sales pitchy, people will think you will spam them. Put some part of your personality in there and make sure it includes the keywords that you want to be known for.

After reading this, go and check your Twitter bio and see which words are there. Have you included keywords? Have a look at the content of your bio and think that, if you weren’t yourself, would you want to connect with you? So many people don’t fill in their bio, or they have a bland one.

Your Twitter bio should encourage the right people to follow you and also include your keywords. Tell people who you are, who you help and how you help them.

#3 Your Twitter Banner or Header

Not everyone will see your Twitter header or banner because most people will view your Twitter profile from third party tool, but if they use Twitter.com or the app on the phone, you have a great opportunity for free advertising space. You can change your Twitter Header as often as you like.

Here are some ideas:

  • Show your products
  • Show your team or office
  • Show an event/celebration/milestone
  • Show you in action
  • Show behind the scenes
  • Show your branding with your logo and a tagline
  • Promote an upcoming event or promotion
  • Convey a mood for your business
  • Show your contact details
  • Show your latest blog post
  • Show something more personal so that people can connect with you on a human level
  • Show a hashtag or Twitter chat that you run
  • Show a well-known landmark if you are a local business

Tip: I recommend that you use Easil or Canva if you are thinking of creating an Twitter Header image yourself because they have the dimensions for most Social Media images. Both have templates to make your work look professional.

Twitter Header Template by Easil

Twitter Header Templates by Easil.com

#4 Twitter Name and Username

If someone has met you and they look up your name on Twitter, you want them to be able to find you. The only way they will find you is if you include your name in your Twitter name or username (or your bio). It is hard to form a relationship with someone when you don’t know their name. It’s worth using your real name as either your Twitter name or your username.

You can change your Twitter name and username at any time, but it is easier to do (and causes less confusion) when you have fewer followers. My account is verified so I can’t change my Twitter name or username any longer.

This is just to show you where to change your Twitter Name. My account is verified so I can’t change my Twitter Name.

#5 Link to Website

I’m surprised that some profiles don’t include a link to a website. Twitter is quick and faster and you want more depth, you want them to find out more about you, your website is a great place for people to discover more about your business.

Another mistake that I have seen is a link directing people to a landing page, where you try to force people to give you their email address because it is the only option on the page. Not a great way to start a relationship!

Tip: If you don’t have a website for any reason, use your LinkedIn profile as your website.

#6 Photos and Videos

Your most recent photographs and videos are visible on your profile on Twitter.com.
Images get 62% more engagement and 82% more retweets than straight text. Twitter is becoming a lot more visual, so you need to include photographs or pictures in your Tweets. Twitter has recently announced that Tweets with videos are six times more likely to get retweeted than Tweets with photos, so make sure you’re adding video and gifs to your Tweets too.

These are visible in the Media tab on your profile.

#7 Pinned Posts

You can pin a Tweet to your profile, and I suggest that you pin a Tweet that fits in with your business objectives.

What to Pin to Your Twitter Profile

  • Promoting your business
  • A link to your course
  • A link to your sales page
  • A current Promotion or Sale
  • A Customer Testimonial

The pinned Tweet will be the most visible thing in your profile, so make sure that whatever you pin:

  • It’s something positive about your business
  • Preferably leads to a link to your website
  • And it’s up-to-date.

Check regularly that you are pinning the right Tweet for your business at the moment

How to Pin A Tweet to your Twitter Profile

At the top right of your Tweets that you have posted, you will see a little arrow.

Clicked on it.

Choosing the option “Pin to your profile page”

How to pin a tweet to your profile


#8 Tweets

People will scan your most recent Tweets to see what type of content you are Tweeting about. Every now and then, it is useful to audit your last few Tweets. Make sure that some Tweets you put out are informative, interesting, and friendly.

Things about your feed that will put people off from following you are:

  • No conversations and interactions with other people
  • Bland, vanilla type tweets
  • Inactive Account. Many businesses think they have a Twitter account because their web guy set one up for them, and they have a link to it from their website, and then they wonder why nobody is following them. Small businesses fall into the trap because they don’t understand that Twitter involves communicating and being active. I would suggest that, if you have an inactive account for your business, it might be better not to have one. It doesn’t reflect well on your business if you have a dusty Twitter account, and it is unlikely that anyone will follow it
  • Every tweet has a link. Most people don’t like being sold to, and a Twitter account with only links suggests automation and an account that is merely broadcasting rather than willing to communicate with people

What do your last five tweets say about you at the moment?

#9 Location

Location is important for most small businesses. People like to do business with local people. Make sure you fill in your location so that customers nearby can find you. It’s also a good idea to make sure you have included it in your bio too.

#10 Follower/Following Ratio

Whether you agree with it or not, the number of people you are following versus the number of people following you may put some people off.

  1. It’s considered to be better to have more people that are following your Twitter account than you are following.
  2. Make sure that you don’t follow too few people. Unless you’re a celebrity, people may not follow you if your ratio looks as though you don’t follow people back. It also suggests that you are using Twitter to broadcast rather than to build relationships. You will get the best results out of Twitter when you realise that Twitter is a conversation rather than just a broadcasting tool.

Why should you be following fewer people than the number of your followers?

Bots have a tendency to aggressively follow as many accounts as they can each day and then unfollow the accounts. They do this in order to gain followers. Many people will follow people back without looking at the account’s Twitter Profile and latest Tweets.

NOTE: If you are new on Twitter you will follow more people than you will have as followers and that is okay, but make sure you don’t let the gap between the two groups get too big.

How to Change Your Follower/Following Ratio

The simplest way to declutter your followers is to use a tool like ManageFlitter.

MangeFlitter will help you to find people who are inactive or are not following you back. It’s easy to do a spring clean when you have the right tools.


#11 Visibility of Your Twitter Profile

This is an easy one to check and remedy. If you are a business on Twitter you want to make sure that your Twitter Profile is public and NOT protected. You want to be found and you want it to be easy for people to follow you.

If you have a padlock sign on your Twitter profile, it means you have protected your Tweets. It means that nobody can see your Tweets unless they are following you and most people won’t follow an account if they can’t see what someone is tweeting. You have to approve all your followers. You don’t want to be doing this as a business.

How to Check that You Haven’t Protected Your Tweets

  1. Go to your Settings and Privacy.
  2. Click on Privacy and Safety.
  3. The “Protect your Tweets” box should be unchecked.

Twitter Profile Visibility

Make sure that you create a great impression when people view your Twitter Profile. It isn’t hard to check that you’ve optimised your Twitter Profile by going through each of these steps. Have I left anything out?Twitter Profile Checklist

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This blog post is adapted from a chapter in Nicky Kriel’s latest book “Converting Conversations to Customers: The Essential Guide to Social Media Sales Success” The book has plenty of tips on how to win more business for small business owners.

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