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Social Media News: What’s new in January 2016

Guest blogger, ESocial Media News: What's New by Emma Firthmma Firth, does her monthly round-up of Social Media news for January 2016:

January has been a quieter-than-usual month in the social media world as everyone gets used to 2016! But, as ever, here’s a highlight of the most important changes and announcements pushed out in the last month:


In the wake of announcing it now has 1.04 billion users daily,

Social Media News: What’s new December 2015

Social Media News: What's New by Emma FirthGuest blogger, Emma Firth, does her monthly round-up of the Social Media News and what happened in November and the beginning of December 2015.

Lots of interesting updates from a wide variety of networks this month – read on, because there’s sure to be something for everyone and you’re bound to learn something!

Great places to find Twitter chats

Great Places to find Twitter Chats by Nicky KrielTwitter chats or Tweet chats are a great place to network online and increase the visibility of your business. So what is a Twitter chat? It is a live event on Twitter at a set time, using a hashtag so that participants can follow and join the conversation. They are usually moderated and focussed on a particular topic. Most Twitter chats last an hour. The chat can be a special event, but many are at a regular time at a weekly or monthly interval. So how do you find a Twitter chat that is right for you?

Here are great places to find Twitter chats:

Create a Twitter list for a #Twitterchat easily

Create a Twitter list for a #Twitterchat Easily by Nicky Kriel#Twitterchats are great fun and it is a brilliant way to network and meet new people. But what happens after the hour is over? Have you ever tried to find all the people taking part in a particular #Twitterchat and add them to a list? It can take a lot of time if the chat has been busy. Here’s how to create a Twitter list for a #Twitterchat easily. Set it up beforehand so that all the people in the chat are automatically added to the list.

5 Ways to use Twitter Lists

It is easy to get overwhelmed by following a large number of people

Some of the questions that I am often asked by people who are new to Twitter are:

  • How do I sort out my followers, there are so many Tweets in my stream?
  • How do you listen to Tweets when there is so much noise?
  • How did I get on a list when I didn’t do anything?
  • One of my friends Tweets 60 Tweets an hour, she is filling up my Twitter Feed:  Is there a way to not see all her Tweets?
  • How do I find people to follow?

All these questions can be answered by using Twitter Lists.

Social Media Round-up of May: What’s New!

Social Media Round Up: What's New by Emma Firth

Guest blogger, Emma Firth gives her monthly Social Media Round-up…

Hello, and welcome to my guest blog looking at the changes affecting small businesses, in particular, that the main social networks have made in May.


After a raft of changes in April, May has been seen another handful of new announcements from the ever-evolving social media giant.

Do you have Kred on Social Media?

Do you have Kred on Social Media? by Nicky KrielHave you ever wondered how effective your activities on Twitter and Facebook are?  You get Retweeted and followed and People comment on your activities on Facebook and Like what you do…But, have you ever wondered how to measure your levels of engagement? Do you know how much influence you have?

One way to measure your influence is Kred.  If you haven’t used Kred yet, I suggest you pop over and have look at it. Once you have connected with your Twitter and Facebook accounts it will give you two scores on an emblem that will look similar to mine.

Kred Score for Nicky Kriel The first score is a measure of Influence or the impact that you are having on others and is out of 1000.

The second score which they call the Outreach level is a measure of how generous you are on Social Media and is measured out of 12.

So what do these scores mean and how are they measured?  The nice thing about Kred is that they actually tell you.

1. Measure of Influence

Kred defines Influence as the ability to inspire action and measures the following:

On Twitter

  • how frequently you are Retweeted
  • how many people Reply to your Tweets
  • how frequently your name is Mentioned
  • how many people follow you.

On Facebook

  • When people interact with your posts i.e. Like, Comment or Share
  • Tags you or mentions you in a post or a comment
  • Invite you to Events
  • Post to your Wall
  • Become your Friend

You get points for each action and points increase your Influence Score. When you have a low score you don’t need that many points to increase your score.  When you have a high score you will need a gazillion points (okay, not technically) to increase your score.

So what does your influence score mean?

Kred did a breakdown of the scores at the end of 2011. (Since the scores are accumulative I suspect that there may be a few more people at the top end of the scale now, but I will go with the figures that are published.)

  • If your score is above 500, you are above average – Well done
  • If your score is above 600, you are in the top 21.5% – Impressive
  • If your score is above 700, you are in the top 5% – Awesome
  • If your score is above 750, you are in the top 1% – You get a badge!!
  • If your score is above 800, you are in the top 0.1% – You are a SUPERSTAR

If you register with Kred today, they will look at the last 1000 days of Twitter, but only start adding actions on Facebook when you connect your account, so obviously, the longer you are registered with the more your points will accumulate.

RememberThere is no point trying to game the system to get a higher score, you need to keep your business objectives for using Social Media, top of mind.  Social Media needs to be working for your business or you are wasting your time.

2.  Outreach Level

I really like this measure because this shows how active and generous you are towards other people.  This is one score that you can control and having a higher score shows that you are willing to build up relationships with other people on Social Media:

You get points on Twitter for:

  • Retweeting others
  • Replying and @Mentioning others
  • Following others

You get points oh Facebook for:

  • Posting on someone’s wall
  • Liking or commenting on a post
  • mentioning or tagging someone in a post or comment
  • becoming Friends.

So what does your outreach score mean?

You can accumulate points quite quickly at the bottom, so unless you are new to Twitter, a score of 4 or less shows that you are predominantly using Social Media to broadcast rather than to interact.  I hope you are not in this category!  If you have just started using Twitter and just connected your Facebook Account, you will be pleasantly surprised how quickly your score will increase if you interact with others.

As with the Influence score, the higher your score, the more points you will need to move to the next level.  At the moment, the highest score you can achieve is 12.  Kred doesn’t give any indication of how many people are at each level, but I am going to suggest that you want to be a 6 or higher.

There is a lot more to Kred, but this is just an introduction.  If you want to find out more about their scoring system it can be found here: Kred rules  It is worth having a look to see how you measure on Engagement and Influence.  Let me know if you found this useful in the comments below.

Why you lose followers on Twitter

Why you lose followers on Twitter by Nicky Kriel

Have you been wondering why your number of followers drop?  Do you take it personally when people unfollow you?  Why do you lose followers on Twitter? While it may be something you are doing, there is a good chance that you will get a certain number of unfollows every week, no matter what you do.  It is time to stop worrying about fluctuations in your follower count.  But, first check that you are not being antisocial on Twitter.

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