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How to get followers on Twitter

Is there anyone out there?

How do I get more followers?

It is one of the top questions that I am asked by people starting out on Twitter.

So many people claim they can get you followers:  Just use their piece of software and you will get 10,000 followers easily.  You can even buy followers.  My question is: WHY?

If you think you are successful in Social Media by the number of followers you have, you really don’t understand Social Media.  Yes, you do need follower and yes, the numbers can make a difference, but broadcasting your tweets to 10,000 followers who have been collected by an automated process is unlikely to have any impact on your business.  You would be deluding yourself about having a social media strategy.  In fact, how many of those followers are real people anyway?

It is not difficult to build followers organically.  This is what I did.

  1. Find interesting people to follow – When I started out I looked for local people because it would be easier to meet them, coaches to make connections and see how other coaches were using Twitter, NLPers for the same reasons, Toastmasters because I am enthusiastic about speaking and Social Media people because I wanted to learn about how to use the medium.  I used directories such as Twellow, search tools like Search.Twitter and looked at people’s lists to see who they were following.  I also found and followed as many of the people I knew through networking and social activities.
  2. Be yourself – One thing that I noticed quite quickly is how many people just stream other people’s quote, but they don’t say anything about the person generating them.  You can tell so much about a person by how they tweet and it gives the reader a taste of what that person is like.  You are not going to appeal to everyone and that’s okay.  You will attract like-minded people to you.  People do business with people they know, like and trust.  Help people find you by having an easily recognisable photograph and your bio filled in properly.  It is amazing how many people still don’t.
  3. Have interesting tweets – If your tweets are sales pitches you are unlikely to encourage followers.  I have written about How to write a Tweet in another article and I would encourage you to read not only the article, but also the comments below.  If people are using the Twitter website they will probably only see your last three tweets.  So think about it, you are only as interesting as your last three tweets.
  4. Engage with your followers – Social media is social and Twitter is especially good for making connections.  How many friends do you think you would have if all you spoke about was yourself and you didn’t talk to any of them?  How do you get to know people better if you don’t listen to their conversations and join in?  Normal rules of engagement apply in Social Media.  I have built up some very strong relationships with people on Twitter.
  5. Follow back – If someone follows you, why not follow them back?  To me, it is basic politeness unless you suspect them of being a bot (not real), involved in real estate in California, porn or gambling.  These are my criteria; they don’t have to be yours.  I used to automatically follow people who followed me, but I don’t any more.  There are people who will follow you and then unfollow you a few days later so that they build up their numbers. If I get people following me because I used a keyword, I don’t follow them back either.  For example, a couple of weeks ago, I retweeted a friend who is starting up knitting and croqueting group locally, you would be amazed at how many knitting and croqueting businesses started following me.  I also prefer to follow people who are engaging with other people, so I will look for people who are conversationalists.  If someone is just broadcasting with a link to each tweet, I can’t be bothered to follow them.  If you are following me and I am not following you back, please let me know, I make mistakes and I will be happy to follow you back.

Getting followers is only one part of using Twitter.  Remember; it is better to build up a quality network than worry about numbers.

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Dealing with Difficult People

Have you ever had to deal with a difficult person? I am guessing that the answer is probably “yes”!  The question should really be; have you managed to get the best out of that person or have you demonised them? Have you written them off as “impossible”? Here are a few tips about dealing with difficult people.

1. You can’t change other people

You can only change yourself and sometimes by changing your own behaviour, you will get a different behaviour from the other person. All relationships are two-way, some people are easier to get on with than other, but you are responsible for how you deal with the relationship.  Eleanor Roosevelt said “Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent”.  How you feel about the other persons behaviour is entirely up to you.  Think about it, it could upset you or you could find it interesting.

2. If something is not working, do something different!

Why is it that we do the same thing, over and over again and expect different results? Think of the stereotypical English man abroad, when he is not understood by the “foreigners”, he repeats what he says in the first place, but louder! We are good at banging our head on the wall. The way you normally communicate with people may be working successfully for 70% of the time, but if it is not working for that “difficult” person, you need to be flexible. You need to adapt your own behaviour to get better results!

3. You are not a mind reader

We are good at assuming that someone’s behaviour means a certain thing, but we are only looking at things from our own viewpoint. If someone doesn’t respond to your email are they ignoring you, or are they just busy?  Does it necessarily mean that if someone is continuously late that they have no respect for you, or could it be that they are less aware of the time? If your boss forwards your email to someone else to deal with, is he trying to make you feel small or has he got other things on his mind? Have you asked the person or are you just assuming?

4. Find someone who does get on with the difficult person and watch them carefully to see what they do right.

That person has found a way to communicate with the “awkward” person that works, watch and listen to see what they are doing that is different from the way you do things.  Try doing some of the things they do and see what happens.  When you get good responses from that person, think about what you did that got the type of response you want. Do more of the it!

5. Listen to the language the person uses

We assume that since we are both speaking English that we are speaking the same language, but we all see the world very differently.  Some people are more visually focussed, others are more auditory and others may be more kinesthetic orientated.  People give away clues in the language they use about how they make sense of the world.  There is a good chance that your “difficult” person may have a different system from you.  Are you a seeing, hearing or feeling person?   What are they? 

Remember you can’t change the difficult person, you can only change yourself.  Sometimes when we change our behaviour we are able to build a better relationship which ultimately, will make you feel better.

In my next blog, I will go through some of the reasons you may not being getting on with someone, that you may not be aware of yet!