How Empire.Kred increased my Klout score

How Empire.Kred increased my Klout score by Nicky KrielHow do you measure whether someone understands how use Social Media? While there are a few ways you could do that .Kred and Klout are the best platforms which measure your influence and impact on Social Media at the moment. Neither is perfect. I want to share with you how “playing a game” called Empire.Kred has spilled over and affected my Social Media engagement in a positive way.

Kred has always been transparent about how it measures influence and uses two measurements, one to show your impact and the other to show how generous you are to other people by liking, sharing and retweeting their content. I wrote a blog post about Kred a few years ago explaining how Kred measurement worked and what it meant:

Do you have Kred on Social Media?

For the last two years, everything went quiet on the Kred front and the only platform measuring Social Influence seemed to be Klout.

Klout, on the other hand, has always been a bit mysterious about its algorithm. It has the benefit of measuring across a wider range of platforms. It tends to measure how much interaction you get each time you post things and so favours people who post a lot vs people who interact with other people’s posts a lot.

I know Klout gets gamed a lot so don’t be super impressed with very high scores until you get to know the person. I have a very high Klout score, although most of my potential customers have never heard of Klout and so have no idea what it means.

While I am a little cynical about Klout, I recommend beginners and anyone trying to improve their Social Media to use the Klout score as a yardstick. And I would advise you to be very wary of any Social Media “expert” who has a Klout score of less than 50 and I’d suggest that a score of 60 plus might be a better indicator that they are walking their talk.

In September 2015, PeopleBrowsr who own Kred, announced a big relaunch of what is now called “.Kred” They claim the measurements aspect is only the tip of the iceberg. They also acquired the leading social media gamification platform called Empire Avenue and renamed it Empire.Kred. This is how they describe it on the website

Use Empire.Kred to complete Social Missions, discover new content, and engage with influencers that are relevant to you, while your Kred Score grows in real time.

Buy and Sell on the Social Stock Market, investing your wealth in a booming economy of Influencers.

Create Missions which promote content that matters to you.

As an influencer (which .Kred measures as anyone with a score of 800) I was invited to claim my .Kred identity early. I became curious about Empire.Kred.

I joined Empire.Kred on the 18th of September to see what it was all about, I had planned to only spend a week working out how it worked and why people were recommending it, but I have stayed because of the people I’ve met on it and the impact that it has had on my Social Media reach. At no time have I asked anyone to Share any of my content, Like anything or Follow me back and yet my Klout score has increased by more than 5 points to 79 which I directly attribute to Empire.Kred I cannot be sure of Klout’s algorithm, but there are no other changes that I am aware of at the time that would have affected the score. I was contacted on the tenth day by an experienced player who told me that I was being discussed because of my interactivity and actions.

klout and

Now, I am not going to suggest that if you go on Empire.Kred that you Klout Score is going to increase automatically, but here’s how Empire.Kred increased my Klout score:

  1. Empire.Kred encourages you to interact with other people’s Social Media account when you do missions. As a result, some people will reciprocate by interacting on your accounts.
  2. There is a strong sense of community and people willing to help you which spills over from Empire.Kred into Social Media
  3. You meet new people which tends to mean that the people you interact with most will follow you on Twitter & Instagram, connect with you on LinkedIn, Friend you on Facebook and circle you on Google+
  4. I’ve discovered and started chatting to new Social Media Influencers who have interesting and relevant content for me to share.
  5. I engage a lot of Empire.Kred which has reminded me to follow that through on my Social Media platforms where I’ve become jaded and lazy about responding to each person who interacts with me. For example on Twitter, I noticed that I had got into the bad habit of just liking or Retweeting rather than replying.

I’ve done very well on Empire.Kred. Within 60 days, I rank no.23 for share value, top 5 for dividends and top 3 people for Empire.Kred score (which measures engagement) for people in the UK. I am within the top 40people in the world for my Empire.Kred score.

Empire Kred share price

Here are my top tips for getting started quickly:

  1. Your first week is crucial. Make sure you fill in your profile properly and get started straight away. The more active you are within the first few days, the more chance that you will get invested in quickly. The faster your shares grow, the more people will notice you. There are leaderboards for people for recent joiners and you want to get to the top of the leaderboard for your week to get more investment.
  2. On the 7th day, you turn from being a fresh face to a regular player. In the first week, people are restricted in how many of your shares they can buy. When you turn, people can start investing up to 5200 shares which will make a dramatic difference to your share prices. My shares increased by 100 Eaves (Empire.Kred‘s currency) on the day I turned. Experienced players will be watching for new players who stand out as a good investment opportunity.
  3. Engage, engage, engage. Use every single opportunity to comment, like and thank people. Most people don’t so by leaving comments you are ahead of most Empire.Kred players. It helps you to form relationships and get to know people but also has the added benefit of increasing your Empire.Kred score. Your Empire.Kred score will affect the amount of money you get awarded for certain missions. You also help other people when you engage with them by adding to their score. The higher your score is the higher the value of Eaves you will earn for doing many missions. So really, engaging is win-win for everyone.
  4. Money or Eaves will be an issue when you get started, but invest every Eave you can get hold of into buying shares. It will increase your wealth which means you can help more people in the long run. There is a section of the missions where people are giving away free shares, you want to do these missions! Make sure you thank people and leave comments for the shares. Many of these people will invest in you too.
  5. Doing Missions will help you to get Eaves, but also helps you to build relationships and discover great content. When you like, comment and rank a mission it helps you and the person running a mission and it will help your Empire.Kred score.
  6. Take part in communities and events, they are a great opportunity to discover new people and have fun. For example, at the moment there is a game called #followthesquirrel. If you are the first person to spot someone has changed their profile picture to a squirrel, you win an investment mission.
  7. Be Curious. Explore the site and discover more things quicker. Click every tab and link you can see to find out more. I still keep finding new information which helps me. And don’t forget to ask questions. People are very helpful and will go out of their way to assist you.

I hope I have tempted you to try it. Click on this link Empire.Kred to join and you and I will both have the opportunity to earn extra Eaves. Make sure you let me know you have joined by leaving a comment on my profile and I will make sure I invest in you. Have fun.

Nicky Kriel

Nicky Kriel is a Social Media Coach, Trainers, Speaker and Author. She is passionate about inspiring, educating and empowering business owners to use Social Media to grow their businesses. She uses her background in corporate marketing to help companies integrate social media into their own marketing and business strategies. As a Master NLP Practitioner, communicating is her strength, teaching people to engage with the ‘social’ aspect of social networking; it’s not all about tools and technology, but about people and relationships. Based in Guildford, she has worked with businesses ranging from solopreneurs to multinationals, helping them build, develop and implement relevant social media strategies. As a self-confessed technophobe, jargon is minimal, with practical advice and guidance being the focus. Nicky has published a book, “How to Twitter for Business Success” with a series of further titles planned, and runs online courses and webinars on social media. She offers bespoke in-house training and Social Media Strategy consultations. Born and raised in South Africa, Nicky made the UK her home and has lived in Surrey for over 20 years. She has three children.

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