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Quick Start to Social Media – Online Training Course



Want help getting Started on Social Media?

Do you want to start using Social Media for your Business, but don’t know where to start? It can be overwhelming knowing which way to turn with so much conflicting information out there. Do you want to learn how to use Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter  for your business in easy steps? Are you ready for an Information Packed Course to kickstart your online presence? This is an online course with coaching support that you do at your own pace.


Quick Start to Social Media  for Business 10 week course with Nicky Kriel




Is this for you?

This training course is right for you:

  • If you are a Business owner who is serious about getting started quickly on Social Media
  • If you are starting up a business and need to learn how to use Social Media to market your business
  • If you are a Business Owner who understands that business is about building relationships with other people and want to learn how to use Social Media to do that
  • If you have been put in charge of your company’s Social Media accounts because you have your own personal accounts, but you are not sure what is the best way to use Social Media in a business context
  • If your small business has a Twitter Account or Facebook Account because you were told you SHOULD have them, but you are not too sure what to do with them
  • If you have outsourced your Social Media and would like to take ownership of your accounts and manage Social Media in-house
  • If you are a Virtual Assistant or a Personal Assistant who wants to learn the best way to help your customers get up and running on Social Media
  • If you are a PR or Marketing consultant with a wealth of experience, but a need to update your digital skills
  • If you are writing a book and want to establish your online presence to market your book

This course is NOT for right for you:

  • If you want to set Social Media up on autopilot
  • If you want to buy followers on Twitter or Likes on Facebook
  • If you want to spam people
  • If you are not committed to learning
  • If you want to learn the theory without taking action




Get Started Quickly

You can waste hours of time trying to find out the best way to do things when you’re starting out. When you attend the Quick Start to Social Media for Business Course, you can jumpstart your learning by benefiting from my years of experience in training thousands of business owners how to get started. The steps that I am going to share with you are ones that I use in my own social media business. I will be showing you the exact strategies, tools and tactics that  I recommend for my clients who range from solopreneurs to multinational companies. I will share the secrets and shortcuts that have taken me years to learn!


Be Strategic to Grow

Start with the end in mind. Social Media has no value to you unless it helps you achieve your business objectives. I will teach you how to make sure your Social Media presence fits in with your business brand, how to create a Social Media Strategy for your business, how to attract new customers by optimising your profiles, how to find your potential customers online, how to build an engaged community and how Social Selling works and how to measure the success of your activities. All in plain English and as Jargon-free as possible.


Be Supported

You will not be going through this Quick Start to Social Media for Business Course on your own! Each training module has coaching questions which you submit to me and you will get feedback from me. You will have an initial half an hour 1-2-1 online consultation when you buy the Quick Start Course to help you focus on what you want to get out of Social Media and to help motivate you. There will also be a further hour long 1-2-1 online consultation with me when you feel that it is the best time. These coaching calls will be booked at a suitable time for both of us.


Please can I find out more



Nicky has a fantastic way of introducing people to social media. Whether you’re a beginner or have already started, she explains clearly how Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter etc. works and more importantly, how it can work for you and your business.
Shona Easton , Easton Design Studio



Nicky Kriel with How to Twitter for Business Success book. Photograph courtesy of Image by Red

Fast forward your learning and have fun!

You will learn how to use Social Media Strategically as well as get up and running on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook You will learn through doing and the lovely thing about Social Media is that you can see the effect quickly.  I use my experience of training over a thousand people how to use Social Media strategically for Business to help you.  I do this by de-mystifying the jargon and explaining things in easy-to-understand language.

Business focused

We will be covering:

  • Why Social Media is so important for you business
  • How to make sure your Social Media Accounts match your Business Marketing
  • What Content to share
  • How to find your potential customers online
  • How to build an engaged community
  • How to be customer focussed
  • How to measure the success of your activities.





How it Works

This course is not a magic pill and it will only work if you are willing to commit the time to learning and taking action.

Lessons and Actions to take

Immediate access to  starting learning with 25 in-depth modules of training. These teach you how to get started in an easy step-by-step way.

The modules contain a mixture of:

  • Video tutorials
  • Course Notes
  • Worksheets and “How to” pdfs
  • Actions to take before moving to the next step

There are a set of questions at the end of each module that you submit to me, so that I can help answer any questions before you move onto the next module.

Book your initial 1-2-1 half hour coaching call with me as soon as possible after you start your Social Media training.

Book your further hour coaching/training call when you feel that you would get the most use out of it.


Work from home



This is what other people say about Nicky Kriel’s training

This is some of my students talking about one of my Day LinkedIn Workshops.

This one was on a Business Connection Live Television Show.

The Presenter and his guest were talking about me after I had been on the show the week before.






Take action Today!

Get the Quick Start to Social Media for Business Online Training

Immediate access to start training

25 modules of Training – videos, course notes and worksheets, actions to be taken

Email coaching support throughout

2 x Coaching calls with Nicky Kriel (one and half hours in total).


What’s included in the Quick Start to Social Media Programme

Social Media Strategy

  • Introduction to Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy – What do you want
  • Social Media Strategy – Who are your customers?
  • Social Media and the Law
  • Social Media Content

LinkedIn for Business

  • Understanding Linked
  • How to Optimise your LinkedIn Profile
  • Finding your way around & Etiquette
  • Finding customers on LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn Groups

Twitter for Business

  • Understanding Twitter and getting your Branding right
  • Finding your way around and Understanding Language
  • What to Say
  • Meeting People
  • Tools, Time Saving

Facebook for Business

  • Understanding Facebook
  • How Profiles, Groups and Pages can work for your business
  • Setting up your Facebook Page correctly
  • Getting Likes and Engagement on your Page
  • Introduction to Facebook Ads

Content and Tools

  • How to create a simple content calendar
  • Scheduling content to save time
  • Curating content to share
  • Creating Visual Content easily
  • Listening on Social Media


Quick Start to Social Media online training course

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

If within 30 days of the course and before your 1-2-1 consultation with Nicky Kriel, you decide that this course is not for you, send us an email and you will get your money refunded. No questions asked.