3 Great Reasons to post manually on Facebook

Are you posting on your wall?

Do you post your updates manually on Facebook or have you automated the process?  Some ways you may have automated the process are by automatically feeding Twitter into Facebook or using NetworkedBlogs to post your Blogs.  Maybe you use SocialOomph or Hootsuite to preschedule your posts?

Last night, I listened to Mari Smith’s presentation at the Social Media Success Summit called “Facebook News Feed Optimization: How to Dramatically Increase Your Visibility and Engagement”.  It was fabulous and I will be sharing some of her tips with you in future posts. 

  • Facebook has more than 672,949,580 users!
  • 30 million pieces of content get shared each month

You need to be savvy to be seen!

Here are 3 Great Reasons to post your updates yourself.

1.  Frequency

If you post using another application, you may be posting too often. 

  • The average user has 130 friends which means that your automated delivery of your tweets may be clogging up their newsfeed.   
  • Most people use Facebook to connect with their family and friends,
  • so if they cannot see their family and friend’s posts because of your business posts,
  • they will get annoyed and
  • either hide your posts or
  • unlike your page. 


In fact, the biggest reason given for people unliking a Page is:  Because it posted too frequently! 

So what is the ideal frequency of posts?

  • Research done for big brands has suggesting that posting every other day is the optimum frequency. 
  • Most of us are not big brands, though, and can post more often. 
  • Mari Smith has found her optimum is two to three times a day and she has forty thousand fans!
  • Less is definitely more on Facebook. 
  • SocialBakers has suggested 5-10 posts a week as the ideal number. 

How many times are you posting as a business?

2.  Facebook collapses third party applications

Here are three posts from my wall today.   Do you see how Facebook has collapsed all the other posts from the same application?

How many of you would have clicked on the

  • “See 12 more posts from SocialOomph” or
  • “See 15 more posts from NetworkedBlogs” or
  • “See 40 more posts from Twitter” ?

There is a good chance if you are using an application to post to Facebook that it may never be seen.

3.  Improve your Edgerank

Now, you may be wondering what Edgerank means. 

Well, you may not be aware, but not all your friend’s stories or post from pages you have liked are going to appear in your newsfeed.  

In the same way, even if someone has liked your Page, there is a chance that they are never going to see your post.  

Facebook uses an algorithm to decide which news stories you are going to see and its called the Edgerank. 

It is decided by

  • The number of times you interact with the other person or page
  • how important that post is by the amount of comments and likes it gets
  • how recently it has been posted

Ok, it is probably over-simplified, but the chances of your post being seen by other people will depend on the Edgerank. 

Manual posts have a higher Edgerank than ones posted by another application.

That’s 3 great reason to post your status updates manually.

If you are looking for more reasons not to feed Twitter into Facebook, I recently wrote an article called Sharing Twitter on Facebook? 

I would love to have your comments.

Nicky Kriel

Nicky Kriel is a Social Media Coach & Trainer inspiring, educating and empowering Business Owners to use Social Media more strategically. She is also the author of bestselling, "How to Twitter for Business Success" and newly published "Converting Conversations to Customers". For more information visit https://www.nickykriel.com or to find out about her courses that she runs in Guildford visit https://www.nickykriel.com/courses

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