Have you followed 2000 people on Twitter and can’t follow any more?

Have you been proactive on Twitter about following the right people and following back people who follow you?  And suddenly you find that you can’t follow any more people?  Have you followed two thousand people?  This post is for you.

Here’s why

Twitter has rules to prevent aggressive following.  For example, you may not follow hundreds of people or unfollow hundreds of people in a single day.  This is stop spammers and automated systems from harvesting followers.  Did you know that some people buy followers!?

  • Twitter has a rule that you can follow up to 2000 people without anyone following you back.
  • Once you have followed the 2000 mark a ratio kicks in.
  • Although Twitter don’t actually say what the ratio is, it seems to be 10%
  • You cannot follow more people until at least 90% follow you back.  So to follow more people you will have to have at least 1800 people following you.

So what do you do?

When you have followed 2000 people and you keep getting messages that you can’t follow people you really want to, this is what you do:

Have an assessment of your ratio

Divide your followers by the number of people you are following and times by a hundred to get a percentage.

If your percentage is dramatically less than than 90%

You have been spending more time concentrating on building up followers than building relationships.

Twitter is not just a free channel to broadcast your message, you need to listen as well.  You also should look at the quality of your tweets.

If your ratio is close to 90%

Time to declutter!

There is a good chance that many of the people you have followed are not following you back.

The reason for this is

  • No one HAS to follow you just because you have followed them
  • the person who followed you wasn’t that interested in what you were tweeting and they unfollowed you.  Don’t take it to heart, you aren’t going to appeal to absolutely everyone and it is their choice
  • the person is following you on a list.  See 5 Ways to use Twitter Lists
  • You were followed by a bot (not a real person, but an automated robot), you followed them back and they unfollowed you a few days later because they were collecting followers to spam or to sell.  Read How to Spot a Bot

The best tool I have found to declutter is ManageFlitter.com.

They will quickly show you the people who you follow and aren’t following you back.

This how my account looks.

I don’t mind that some people don’t follow me back because

  • they are thought leaders
  • they are authors of books I have read and admired
  • I’ve met them in real life
  • they are local to me
  • I have just followed them and they may not have had a chance to follow me back

If someone is interesting, it doesn’t matter whether they follow you back or not.

@AthenaNetworks followed me yesterday, I followed them back, received an automated response from them and now they have unfollowed me.  This means that they only followed me so they could spam me.  So they are an obvious one to unfollow.

ManageFlitter makes it easy by showing

  • the person’s bio
  • their activity level
  • their last tweet

It is easy to sort people by when you followed them or whether they have profile pictures or not.

If you are have reached the two thousand mark

You need to start thinking about the following:

  • How much time do you spend reading the tweets in your stream
  • Have you sorted your followers into lists? Read 5 Ways to use Twitter Lists
  • If you are not paying any attention to the people you are following, why are you following them?
  • Is it worth cluttering your stream with people who just broadcast at you?

Another reason to be more discriminatory:  Any measure of influence will rank you higher if your followers outnumber the people you are following.

Let me know if you found this useful by leaving a comment and retweet and share this post with people who might be in a similar situation.



Nicky Kriel

Nicky Kriel is a Social Media Coach & Trainer inspiring, educating and empowering Business Owners to use Social Media more strategically. She is also the author of bestselling, "How to Twitter for Business Success" and newly published "Converting Conversations to Customers". For more information visit http://www.nickykriel.com or to find out about her courses that she runs in Guildford visit http://www.nickykriel.com/courses

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