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Are you just building castles in the air?

Do you have a dream that you have never taken the first step towards achieving?  It is wonderful having a head full of ideas, but unless we take some form of action, nothing is going to happen.  Thinking about something is not enough!  Now, I do believe that it is good to start with the end in mind and that having clear goals helps you focus on what you really want.  Having a dream without taking action is just building castles in the air.

Let’s assume you have a dream:  Something in the back of your mind that you would like to do at some point.  Have you thought of something?  Just one thing?  Now, fast forward your life to your imaginary death-bed.  How would you feel if you have never achieved this particular dream?  If you are not really bothered, then put your idea gently back to the back of your mind.  But, if it really does matter to you, then what are you going to do about it?  Sometimes the dream seems to be out of reach and it might be right now, but even a tiny move in the right direction makes it a little bit more achievable.

All mountains get climbed by taking a small step onto them and then another and another.  But first you have to decide to climb the mountain.  You might need to do some preparation before you start.  And then you need to get yourself to the base of the mountain!  So what is the one small step you can take towards making your dreams a reality, today?

  1. Give yourself permission to have the dream – So often people feel they don’t deserve their desires.  Perhaps you have put it in a category as something other people do.  Maybe it is too frivolous and you are too busy being serious to have fun.  What is stopping you from owning your dream?
  2. Make it more real – It might be as simple of writing down your idea or creating a vision board so that it feels more real and it has more shape.  Ask yourself, how will you know when you have achieved it?  What would it look like, sound like and feel like?
  3. Think of some of the things you will need to learn along the way.  Write them down.  You don’t have to do them all at once.  It is easy be overwhelmed.  Just knowing that you have some things to learn still means that you might open yourself up to those opportunities when they present themselves to you.
  4. Work out one tiny, tiny step that will head you in the right direction.  Something that you can probably do in 5- 15 minutes.   For example, if you have always wanted to visit particular place, that tiny step might be to get a large jar to put your loose change into.   If you always have wanted to write a book, it might be scheduling in some writing time in your diary or booking a writers workshop.  Often it is very simple things that make a difference like making a phone call or sending an email.
  5. Do that one small, tiny, miniscule thing.

Never underestimate the importance of doing the small things.  Taking one step towards your dream is better than just having your head in the clouds.  Getting anywhere is just a series of movements in the right direction.  What do you think?  I would love to have your comments.

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One olive makes quite a big difference

One olive makes quite a big difference!

This morning I saw this tweet.  “American Airlines saved $40,000 in 1987 by eliminating one olive from each salad served first class.”  It got me thinking.  It is so often the little things that make big differences.  Who would have thought that one little olive would make a difference?

I have heard that the cumulative effect of Lattes is quite phenomenal.  One Latte a day doesn’t sound expensive.  Who would notice £2 – £2.50?  It’s your daily treat, isn’t it?  But think about it.  Let’s say you have a Latte once every weekday, so that is £10 – £12.50 a week, still not too bad!  But in a month it starts mounting up to £42 – £52.50 or even worse, £520 – £650 a year!

Last week I read an article that said that half a muffin negates the average workout that you do in an hour at the gym!  Who eats half a muffin?  One hour of sweat wasted!  Who would have thought that by treating yourself after a workout, you might actually gain weight?  One treat a day can make a big difference to your weight over a year.

One little treat a day can make a big difference to your bank account or your waistline!

Now before you all rush out and deprive yourself of absolutely everything, it is worth considering that it is the little things that can make a big difference to achieving your dreams too.  Every mountain only gets climbed by taking the first step.  One step doesn’t sound much or look much, but add all those steps together and amazing things can be achieved. 

So here is a question for you:

What is the one small thing you can do today that will make a big difference to your business by next year?

Making a business call, mailing a newsletter, tweeting about a course you’re running doesn’t sound like much, does it?   But think about the accumulative effect that it can have.  Most sales (about 60%) only happen after the fifth contact with someone, most people (88%) give up long before then.  Imagine if you considered each contact as the small thing that you need to do today.

One olive can make a big difference!  What is the one thing you can leave out or add to your day today?