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Why all Facebook Business Page owners need to understand Edgerank

Why every Facebook Page owner should know about Edgerank - by Nicky KrielDid you know that even if someone Likes your Facebook Page, they may not see your posts in their news feed?  According to Facebook, only 16-17% of fans are reached by Pages!  Facebook apply an algorithm to choose what updates appear in each person’s news feed.

The news feed algorithm uses several factors to determine top stories, including the number of comments, who posted the story, and what type of post it is (e.g. photo, video, status update, etc.).

The exact nature of the algorithm is only known to Facebook and changes periodically.  It is refer to it as Edgerank.  The higher the Edgerank a post has, the more visible it will be.

The Edgerank score for a Page is calculated for each individual by:

  • The number of times you interact with a particular Page – i.e. the more you interact (like and comment) with a Page, the more posts from that Page will show up on your feed.
  • The importance a particular post by the amount of comments, shares and likes it gets – i.e. other people’s reaction to the post counts.  If everyone shown a post ignores it, you will be unlikely to be shown the post.  If everyone shown a post likes it, you will be very likely to shown the post.
  • Type of post it is: Your interactions with posts of the same type in the past will count – i.e. if you always like photos, you are more likely to see photos posted by the Page
  • How recently it has been posted – you are unlikely to see a post from the morning if you go online in the evening.
  • The number of complaints a Page receives will affect how likely you are to see future posts.  Other negatives towards a Page would be a large number of unlikes, reporting as spam, unsubscribes and people hiding posts.

I have also noticed the following.

  • Facebook also seems to give a preference to content posted directly on Facebook rather than through a third party tool such as Networked blogs.
  • Facebook seems to help Business Pages to get established with greater visibility for Pages with a few Likes
  • It’s easier to build engagement on Pages with fewer likes.  The ratio of Likes to “People talking about this” tends to be better.
  • You are more likely to see posts from Pages that you have recently liked.

Why is this important to Page Owners?

  • There is a virtuous spiral for engagement. The more engagement you get with each post, the more visible your post.  The more visible your post, the more likely that you will get more engagement.  Engagement is key.
  • Facebook has indicated that as preparation for Graph Search that Pages should “Focus on attracting the right fans to your Page and on giving your fans a reason to interact with your content on an ongoing basis.”  This suggests that Edgerank is going to be taken into consideration for Search.
  • You need to be aware of negative behaviour towards your posts and your Page.  Negative behaviour or complaints are when someone hides a post from their feed, unlikes a Page or reports a post as spam.

If you want more details about negative behaviour.  I found this really good post by Chad Wittman on Socialfresh.com which goes into more detail: The simple reason Facebook Pages are losing Reach: Negative Feedback 

What you need to know about negative behaviour or complaints

  • To find out how many people are unliking your Page, go into your Insights, click on the Likes section and scroll right down to the bottom.called Where your Likes come from.  This shows your unlikes.Facebook unlikes
  • The greatest reason people give for unliking a page is too frequent posting.
  • Facebook has been taking complaints into consideration since September which is probably why many Pages have noticed a drop in numbers of people Reached.
  • Since my reach dropped in September, I have increased the number of posts per day which has been matched by an increase in the number of unlikes, so I have been shooting myself in the foot.  Each time I have posted 4 times a day, I have lost someone.
  • Your complaints or negative feedback are more hidden.  You have to export the data from your Facebook Page into a Excel Spreadsheet.  You might be surprised by the figures.  I haven’t looked at these figures before and I had naively assumed that nobody would be complaining about my Page –  I don’t do things that are considered spammy like posting links on other people’s Pages, afterall.  But I was wrong.  I noticed that my complaints went up when I increased the frequency of posting.  Another good reason to reduce the number of daily posts!Facebook Page export data
  • Photographs tend to get the highest number of shares, but they also get the highest number of complaints so don’t change all your posts to pictures because everyone else is doing it.

Let me know if this has helped you, I will be writing about how to improve the engagement on your Page soon.