New Look Facebook Pages: Pin, Highlight and mark Milestones

Did you know that when you move to the Facebook Timeline for Business by 30th that you can give certain updates more prominence?  The changes to Facebook Pages for Business have also bought some new features that you may find very useful.  You can now draw more attention to certain posts.

This is the third in the series for the New Look for Facebook Pages and if you missed the first two there are links to the posts at the end of this one.  This one is about pinning, highlighting and milestones.

Pin a Post

If you hover your cursor to the right of any post you will see a little star and pencil icon.

When you click on Pin to the Top, that post will stay on the top position for the next seven days or until another post is pinned.  This means that any visitor to your Page will see that particular post even if you have posted more recently.  This is what a pinned post looks like:

Highlight an Update

You may have noticed that Pages have two columns now.  You can now make updates extend over both columns to feature of that post.  The star icon creates the highlight.

This what a highlighted update looks like:

Note:  There will be blank spaces on your timeline, see the right hand column above the post.

Unfortunately you can’t pin a highlighted post, so even though it creates a feature of the post, as you update your Page, it will move down the Page.


The new Timeline allows you to add milestones for your Business or Page.  You can do this by either choosing the Milestones options in your status box

Or by clicking on the Timeline which goes down the centre of your Page.  The cursor will become a cross and you will get the following prompt.

The first time you use this feature it will ask you for the date your business was founded. Milestones spread over both columns.  When you choose the milestone option, this dialogue box appears:

Note: You can add photographs to make a real feature of a Milestone.

It is worth adding a website address that might be relevant for the milestone. Don’t forget to add the http:// to make it click-able.

Think about how you can use this for your business.  Do you have any events or products that you want to feature?

Other Things you might need to know

Navigating your Timeline

Just in case you haven’t played around with your Timeline on your profile; I thought you might find it useful to know that you can get to certain dates on your Timeline in two ways.

  1. You can scroll down the Page
  2. You can go the Timeline on the right hand side of the Page (see below).  Click on the relevant year.  This will expand the Timeline to include the months and allow you to click on the relevant month to take you to those updates..


Other People’s Posts on your Page

On the new Timeline for Pages, your fans posts to your Page or mentions of your Page appear on the right hand column.  It is called “Recent Posts by Others”.  If you have many people posting on your page, you will need to click on the see more to make sure you don’t miss any posts.  If you have a Facebook Friend who tagged the Page or posted to the Page, their post will appear at the top right above the rest of the Recent Posts by Others.

What this means:

  1. Your posts will be more dominant on the Page than your Fans.
  2. Your fans are likely to get less interaction when they post to your Page because other people visiting the Page may not notice their posts now.
  3. Make sure you respond to all the posts from other people to encourage engagement by checking your notifications and “Recent Posts by Others”.

Let me know if you find this series useful by commenting or sharing this article.

If you missed the first two in the series, you can find them here:

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Nicky Kriel

Nicky Kriel is a Social Media Coach & Trainer inspiring, educating and empowering Business Owners to use Social Media more strategically. She is also the author of How to Twitter for Business Success. For more information visit or to find out about her courses that she runs in Guildford visit

Lesley Johnston-Boers - 12th March 2012

Great information Nicky. I´ve booked marked this and will read it again once my new Facebook Page is ready to go live.

    Nicky Kriel - 13th March 2012

    Hi Lesley
    Let me know when your Facebook Page is live, so I can pop over to Like it. Is it going to be for baby head protection?


Bill - 13th March 2012

We accidentaly entered the wrong founded date and now can’t change it. How do you do this?

    Nicky Kriel - 14th March 2012

    Hi Bill
    If you click on the word Founded on the Timeline on your right hand column and then hover on the right hand corner of the Milestone box, a pencil should appear. When you click on the pencil, you can edit the date. Let me know if this sorts out your question.

Mor - 1st October 2012

I want my fans posts and photos to appear in the timeline and not in the “Post from others” upper right box.
How do I do it?
I disabled the “post from other” box option but now all their posts disappeared and it’s not appear on my fan page wll…

    Nicky Kriel - 9th October 2012

    Facebook has changed the way that Posts from others is displayed so that they now only appear on the right hand side. At some point it may change. In the meantime make sure that you enable posts from others even though they are not very visible that can be viewed.


Bryan Christiansen - 29th January 2013

Nice outline here – I had a question about merging pages that I haven’t been able to find the answer to – I am part of an organization that is consolidating two pages, our page with less likes that will be absorbed has an extensive timeline filled with milestones of the organization. Is there any way to retain these milestones when we merge?

Enoch - 5th May 2013

Hi Nicky, thank you for your post. It was very helpful! but I have question, my facebook timeline seems to be not updated – I can’t find ‘pin post to the top’
and my timeline displays everything (mine and others) only on the right column and only my information on the left column. Is there any way to change this format?

    Nicky Kriel - 5th May 2013

    Are you using a Profile or a Page for your business? The pin post to the top is on the Page. If you hover your mouse over the post in the top right hand corner you should see a star and a little pencil. Clicking on the pencil will give you the pinning option. Hope that helps.


      Enoch - 6th May 2013

      ahha…I read the link. I never knew that there were two different kinds: Profile and Page. I guess I am using Profile because people have to add me as a friend, not by liking me. So, only Page (which is mainly designed for business) has pin to the top function? – why don’t they allow me to use it in Profile? T.T
      Thank you so much for your kindness and helpful information!!

Wayne - 2nd July 2013

Hello Nicky,

I have used pin to top and now my post has completely disappeared? I can still access it via the notification email, but it no longer appears on my page? It is a very important post I can not afford to lose. Any suggestions?


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