Facebook Insights: What does “Talking about this” mean?

Are people talking about your Facebook Business Page?  This is the second in the Facebook Insights series.  If you missed the first, it is here:

Facebook Insights:  A guide to understanding Reach.

This post tackles what Facebook mean when they use the term “Talking about this”.  No, they are not listening in to every conversation that everyone is having in real life, that would be freaky!  What Facebook mean, is people who have have created, what they call, a story.

This means your Fans have taken an action on your Page that will be visible to their friends.

For example:

  • they clicked on the like
  • they made a comment
  • they shared an update on their Page or Profile

Facebook looks at Unique people.

  • So if the same person has liked, commented and shared a post, it counts as one.
  • If one person has liked an update, a second person left a comment and a third person shared the post, it counts as three.

It is a great measure of the level of interaction or engagement that your Fans have with the Page.

The figures for “Are talking about this”  can be found next to  the number of Likes.

This figure is very important to keep an eye on.  The more interaction you have on your Page, the more visible it will be to your Fan’s friends and the greater the Reach.

The figure measures the number of unique people who have interacted on your Page in the past week.

This is the number of people who have

  • Liked your Page
  • Posted to the wall
  • Liked a post
  • Commented on a Post
  • Shared a Post
  • Responded to a Question or Poll
  • Responded to an Event you have created
  • Mentioned your Page
  • Tagged your Page in a Photograph
  • Checked into your Page Place
  • Recommended your Page

It is useful to see what proportion of “Talking about this” you have compared to the number of Likes on your Page. The higher the better.  I have seen Pages with a high number of Fans, but nobody is “talking”.

Each post has also got a figure for “talking about this” which is specific for the post.  It includes likes, comments and shares.

Facebook use another term, just to confuse you.  In the picture above you will can see that they have a term called “engaged users” which is different to “talking about this”

“Engaged users” is a measure of every unique person who clicks on an update.  So it includes all the people who are “talking about this” as well as people who may have clicked on a photograph, or clicked through on a link.  In the example given of the Fanpage Friday post, the difference is probably 7 new people clicking through to see people’s Fanpages.

So how do you improve your “talking about this” metrics?

You need to encourage engagement by asking questions, having interesting content and responding to people who leave comments and posts.  Give people a reason to talk about your Page.

The next post will cover how to use Facebook Insights to get to know your fans.  Please share this series with people you know who have Facebook Pages, thank you.

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(Updated this “Talking about this” post on 10/11/12)

Nicky Kriel

Nicky Kriel is a Social Media Coach & Trainer inspiring, educating and empowering Business Owners to use Social Media more strategically. She is also the author of bestselling, "How to Twitter for Business Success" and newly published "Converting Conversations to Customers". For more information visit http://www.nickykriel.com or to find out about her courses that she runs in Guildford visit http://www.nickykriel.com/courses

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