Facebook Insights: What does “Talking about this” mean?

Are people talking about your Facebook Business Page?  This is the second in the Facebook Insights series.  If you missed the first, it is here:

Facebook Insights:  A guide to understanding Reach.

This post tackles what Facebook mean when they use the term “Talking about this”.  No, they are not listening in to every conversation that everyone is having in real life, that would be freaky!  What Facebook mean, is people who have have created, what they call, a story.

This means your Fans have taken an action on your Page that will be visible to their friends.

For example:

  • they clicked on the like
  • they made a comment
  • they shared an update on their Page or Profile

Facebook looks at Unique people.

  • So if the same person has liked, commented and shared a post, it counts as one.
  • If one person has liked an update, a second person left a comment and a third person shared the post, it counts as three.

It is a great measure of the level of interaction or engagement that your Fans have with the Page.

The figures for “Are talking about this”  can be found next to  the number of Likes.

This figure is very important to keep an eye on.  The more interaction you have on your Page, the more visible it will be to your Fan’s friends and the greater the Reach.

The figure measures the number of unique people who have interacted on your Page in the past week.

This is the number of people who have

  • Liked your Page
  • Posted to the wall
  • Liked a post
  • Commented on a Post
  • Shared a Post
  • Responded to a Question or Poll
  • Responded to an Event you have created
  • Mentioned your Page
  • Tagged your Page in a Photograph
  • Checked into your Page Place
  • Recommended your Page

It is useful to see what proportion of “Talking about this” you have compared to the number of Likes on your Page. The higher the better.  I have seen Pages with a high number of Fans, but nobody is “talking”.

Each post has also got a figure for “talking about this” which is specific for the post.  It includes likes, comments and shares.

Facebook use another term, just to confuse you.  In the picture above you will can see that they have a term called “engaged users” which is different to “talking about this”

“Engaged users” is a measure of every unique person who clicks on an update.  So it includes all the people who are “talking about this” as well as people who may have clicked on a photograph, or clicked through on a link.  In the example given of the Fanpage Friday post, the difference is probably 7 new people clicking through to see people’s Fanpages.

So how do you improve your “talking about this” metrics?

You need to encourage engagement by asking questions, having interesting content and responding to people who leave comments and posts.  Give people a reason to talk about your Page.

The next post will cover how to use Facebook Insights to get to know your fans.  Please share this series with people you know who have Facebook Pages, thank you.

Facebook Insights:  How to use it to get to know your fans

Facebook Insights:  A guide to understanding Reach

(Updated this “Talking about this” post on 10/11/12)

Nicky Kriel

Nicky Kriel is a Social Media Coach & Trainer inspiring, educating and empowering Business Owners to use Social Media more strategically. She is also the author of How to Twitter for Business Success. For more information visit http://www.nickykriel.com or to find out about her courses that she runs in Guildford visit http://www.nickykriel.com/courses

Lesley Johnston-Boers - 9th January 2012

I didn´t know about Engaged Users. I will not have a look at these figures.

Jen Simons - 9th January 2012

Thanks so much, Nicky! I was just wondering about this over the weekend, but didn’t take the time to research it. Now I don’t have to. I appreciate your insight.

    Nicky Kriel - 9th January 2012

    Hi Jen

    What were you wondering? What else do you want to know about? Might even write a blog about it. Thank you for leaving a comment x


Jen Simons - 10th January 2012

I was wondering about what the “talking about this” meant and what the difference was between that and “liking” a page. Thanks for clarifying.

If you want another blog idea, maybe you you could explain why some business pages don’t look much different than personal pages and some of them look more like a web site, or at least a giant colorful poster. I’ve wondered that, too. Is it paid advertising? Or do they know some other trick that I don’t?

cindy braid - 12th January 2012

I’m glad I have you to explain all this. I see and read the charts but really didn’t understand what it meant. Thank you!

marie - 18th June 2012

Thank you so for confirming and informing! Its a shame that Facebook cannot make it sound so simple! :}

    Nicky Kriel - 18th June 2012

    Thank you, Marie

    Your comment made me smile. It is always encouraging to hear that a blog post has been useful, so thank you very much for the comment.


DPB IT Solution - 25th June 2012

Hey Nicky, I have gone through your post and I must say that you are correct. Loved your post. I have landed in this blog while touring in the blog land. In the recent time SMM is a major thing for SEO. And most of the clients are looking for Likes, Talking about this etc etc. Your article is really helpful for the newbies. Thanks a lot – looking for more from you. :)

    Nicky Kriel - 26th June 2012

    Thank you,
    It is always amazing where you land up while touring blog land. I very glad you liked my post. I try to make things simple and easy to understand. Let me know how you get on.


Sarah Klaphake - 17th July 2012

I am wondering if you have noticed what I am seeing on a Facebook post insight. The number in insights for “talking about this” for a certain post is a much higher number than the number of shares, likes and comments I actually see on the post itself. Any idea what that’s all about?

P - 3rd August 2012

Hello! Thanks for the clarification. I have a newborn photography page and my reach is through the roof- 2k but my “talking about this” number is only 30.And even worse, my page gas only 55 likes and is 5 months old. This is so discouraging! I have even put in my descriptions of the photo’s “if you enjoy this photo please like my page” but it doesn’t seem people are even doing THAT let alone doing any other action such as liking or sharing my photo’s in order to show up on their friend’s newsfeeds! Any quick suggestions on this? Would be a good blog too but I’d love some quick advise now too :o)

Thanks again.

Evan Kopelson - 11th October 2012

Great post, Nicky! So where’s the Facebook “Like” button on this post?

Evan Kopelson - 11th October 2012

nevermind, i found it. it wasn’t there at first, I swear. when I posted my comment it appeared magically. (and yes, I clicked it!)

    Nicky Kriel - 11th October 2012

    Hi Evan

    Thank you for the lovely comment and I am pleased that the “Like” button mysteriously reappeared.


hiba - 13th November 2012

Dear Nicky
Kindly advice where I can see great posts for interaction as inspiration

Renée - 2nd December 2012

Nice post – short and to the point, very effective. Going to find you on Twitter now, and follow… :)

Matthew - 14th January 2013

That is just amazing, thank you so much!

Maxine Dodd - Artist - 31st January 2013

Very interesting to read your postings. I’m new to using social media, so insights are very helpful. At present, I have four ‘Likes’ and one person talking about this, so now I understand what the difference is… I just need a few more now – but everyone starts with one, so I’m pleased! Thanks for your help.

    Nicky Kriel - 1st February 2013

    Hi Maxine

    What’s the URL for your Facebook Page? I will pop over and give you another Like. Thank you for your lovely comment.


Maxine Dodd - Artist - 1st February 2013

Hi Nicky – my Facebook URL is:-


Thanks very much indeed!

Helen - 25th February 2013

Hi Nicky,

This is such a useful post, thank you – and explained in a way even I can understand! I was confused by the fact that there were more ‘talking abouts’ than ‘likes’ on my page (only 12 and 10 respectively… sob) but now I understand. Slightly strange that people are engaging with the page without liking it – but I’m not complaining!

Thanks again,

Johanna - 26th March 2013

I’m still wondering ‘talking about this’ over what period of time – in the last 12 hours, 24 hours, week, month?

Milan - 1st April 2013

Thanks,,,,Very Nice Post…..

Maxine Dodd - Artist - 3rd April 2013

Hello again, just wondering if there is a time-frame associated with ‘Talking about this..’ My Likes are still there but recently, the ‘Talking abouts’ seem to have dropped. Is it just the passage of time or is there a way to keep people talking?

    Nicky Kriel - 3rd April 2013

    Hi Maxime
    “Talking about this” is a measure of how much activity you have had in the past week. (There is a 2-3 day lag in reporting the insights so it shows the activity levels for a week that ended 3 days ago.) So it will fluctuate from week to week depending on how much activity you have had on your Page.


Maxine Dodd - Artist - 3rd April 2013

Many thanks once again, much appreciated.

Christine - 5th April 2013

Hi Nicki,
This article is extremely helpful! Thank you!

One question…where can I find the “Engaged Users” number on a FB page?

    Nicky Kriel - 8th April 2013

    Hi Christine

    Thank you, glad you found it helpful. If you click on the “See all” in the insight section. It’s in the overview section. You will need a certain number of Likes before you see the Insights data.


Ellen Harris - 23rd April 2013

Thanks for clarifying so nicely. I was wondering about this stuff, though I had a fair idea, but wanted to reconfirm myself. Basically why I was wondering more because right now I have 175 likes · 168 talking about this type of figure, which is pretty much unusual I believe for a company page … I do not pay to promote, but yea I promote it a lot, organically though … nice to know that it’s going for great. Cheers and thanks again for clarifying so nicely. Ellen

    Nicky Kriel - 24th April 2013

    Hi Ellen

    Well done on building so much engagement on your Page. The more interaction you have, the more visible your Page will be. You obviously doing something right!
    Thank you for leaving a comment.


the vanilla housewife - 1st June 2013

Wow I never knew what that meant. Thank you for this post!

Gaurav Sareen - 2nd June 2013

Hi Nicky,

Thank you for a wonderful post demystifying ‘People Talking About This’. It is definitely a significant metric.

But, I have a problem (or, maybe I am the problem). My FB page shows 20 talking about this. It is measuring only till 24 May 2013.

My page Insights on the other hand, show 642 talking about this. And, this is measured till today 2 June 2013.

Am I really missing something? Because, its very disheartening to have 20 displayed on page when Insights claims to be 642.

Any thoughts please Nicky?

Kind regards,
Gaurav Sareen

Virgil - 24th June 2013

Thanks for the great explanation. Now I know to watch for interaction and how to gauge it. Again, thanks!

Ted Holcomb - 6th August 2013

I have post the first of a series of content on Pete Rose and trying to get him into the Baseball Hall of Fame. It has been very interesting with unexpected results. The LIKEs are 4,301; the “talking about this” is 16,592. The “engaged users” is 23,480. I am trying to understand the numbers, what I did to generate them, and to duplicate it more often. Any comments ?

    Nicky Kriel - 7th August 2013

    Hi Ted
    Facebook have recently introduced a new version of Facebook Insights which I think is an improvement and I am not sure which version you are on. Does your insights look like the one in this blog post? How I would interpret this is that people who haven’t liked your Page are interacting with your Page because their friends who have liked your Page are talking about it. It is a good thing to have so much interaction because it improves the visibility of your Page although I suspect you would prefer them to Liked the Page too. It is worth looking at your individual posts and seeing how effective they have been. Do more of what works well. There is an incredible amount of data available on the Insights when you know where to look. Have you read the other posts I wrote around this subject?


Susan - 7th August 2013

Thanks for explaining things in simple language! I’m following so I can learn from you!

Steven - 9th September 2013

Excellent article. Working to add more daily interaction on my http://www.facebook.com/MarineHQ page.

One question I can/does Google use this information? We are doing a lot of social media marketing for our http://www.MarineHQ.com website for boat parts and marine supplies. I’m curious to see how this helps in the penguin algorhythm or even if google has access to any information from facebook.

Jonathan Doyle - 11th September 2013

Very helpful…thanks. Do you sell a book?

Gregor Sidler - 15th September 2013

Thank you very much Nicky. It’s hard to find somebody who is willing to tell us all the inside of FB.

Stuti - 24th September 2013

Thanks a lot!
this was very insightful. I am a recently published author and have a Facebook page for the same and this bit of information was very helpful for me!
There are 97 poeple who are talking about my page in a matter of a week.

Megganmamma - 5th October 2013

Thanks so much for blogging on this. I’m impressed with how clear and easy you make it all! I’ve just started my parenting Facebook page (www.facebook.com/megganmamma) and your blog has been ver useful. Thanks!!

Gregor Sidler - 7th October 2013

As much as I read about everything you post. ( I love it…subscribed) …I guess I’m just plain stupid. I just changed my cover picture on my Facebook. 3 hours later I have 23 likes and 6 comments. But Facebook is telling me that 5 people saw this post! How is this possible??

Andrea Ansari - 19th November 2013

Great content, found it very useful. Thanks for sharing!

Practice Tai Chi and Kung fu - 26th November 2013

Thank you very much for the explanation. I guess my site is doing pretty well with over 300 likes and 158 talking about this. However, I have not gotten a single inquire about the services I offer. I also not seeing any comments. Am I missing something?
Thanks again!

Michael Gentry - 27th November 2013

Nice article but slightly incomplete. What is a good like/talking about ratio. I just started a page and have 1253 likes and 1274 talking about. Is that good?

Athena - 10th December 2013

Thanks so much! the article was very helpful.

Deb Bryan - 12th December 2013

What is the best way to get people to my facebook page and build my audience https://www.facebook.com/TravelComparer

Andreas Pohl - 4th February 2014

Thanks a lot for this useful article, Nicky. Maybe you can add the information too, that “talking about this” is no permanent value. It is an interaction indicator for the past 7 days.

Corine@brentwoodlifecoach.com - 20th February 2014

Glad to have found you. Can’t wait to read your previous posts as well as your current. I have a Facebook Page and was wondering, as a coach yourself, do you see much traffic and do you get clients this way or are you just using it to spread the word and name recognition? Here is my link: https://www.facebook.com/brentwoodlifecoach

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