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Social Media News for February 2016

Social Media News for February 2016 by Emma Firth

Social Media News for February 2016

Guest blogger, Emma Firth returns for the round-up:

Social Media News for February 2016

An interesting month in social media world – not least as it saw Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter publish quarterly results, including their latest user figures. So that’s 1.59bn for Facebook, over 400 million accounts for LinkedIn and 320 active monthly users on Twitter – big numbers all round!

So, those aside, what else has been happening in social media news this month?

Social Media News: What’s new in January 2016

Guest blogger, ESocial Media News: What's New by Emma Firthmma Firth, does her monthly round-up of Social Media news for January 2016:

January has been a quieter-than-usual month in the social media world as everyone gets used to 2016! But, as ever, here’s a highlight of the most important changes and announcements pushed out in the last month:


In the wake of announcing it now has 1.04 billion users daily,

Social Media Round-up of May: What’s New!

Social Media Round Up: What's New by Emma Firth

Guest blogger, Emma Firth gives her monthly Social Media Round-up…

Hello, and welcome to my guest blog looking at the changes affecting small businesses, in particular, that the main social networks have made in May.


After a raft of changes in April, May has been seen another handful of new announcements from the ever-evolving social media giant.

Quick YouTube tip: How to add your Social Media sites.

Do you have a YouTube channel? Here’s a quick tip on how to add your Social Media sites to your channel so that people can connect with you easily.

If you like this tip, share it with your friends. If you want to learn how to use YouTube for your business, we are running a workshop in Guildford on the 23rd May. The details are here.

Watch out for the next quick tip soon.

A fun way to create video without a video camera

If you think creating video for your business is hard, expensive and take ages to do, think again.

In preparation for the Using YouTube for Business Workshop in May. I have been researching different ways to create video easily. Here’s a video that I created for my Facebook Course as an example of what you could do using Animoto

Time: About ten minutes, allowing for me to do a few versions adjusting the theme and background music.
Cost: Nothing,I purposely stuck with the free version which limits you to 30 seconds.
Difficulty: Easypeasy, it is incredibly simple to use. And it is fun!

If I can create this short video in a few minutes and for no cost, what’s your excuse for not using video for business?

Top Tips for what to say in About Me videos for your website

Are you uncomfortable about being filmed?  Maybe you have decided to film an “About me” video for your website, but you’ve got stuck.  You don’t know what to say.  I asked my friend, Alan Donegan, who is a presentation expert if he could give us a few tips.

This video goes more into the thought behind the series of tips.

So Here’s –
Top Tips for what to say in an About Me video: #1 When to say your name

Top Tips for what to say in an About Me video: #2 Getting Engagement


Top Tips for what to say in an About Me video: #3 Getting Attention

Top Tips for what to say in an About Me video: #4 Telling Stories

Top Tips for what to say in an About Me video: #5 Think of your audience

And finally, my About Me video.

If you want to contact me

To find out more about Alan Donegan, his website is and you can find him on Twitter @AlanDonegan.
I would love feedback about my video, thank you.  Do you think I listened to Alan’s tips?

5 Reasons to upload your video to YouTube

Ok, let’s assume you have gone to the trouble of creating a video for your business.

What do you do now?  Host the video on your website? Post it on your Facebook Page? Or load it onto a video sharing site?

Unless there is a particular reason for not wanting the video to be public, the obvious choice is to upload it to YouTube – first.

From YouTube, you can easily embed it from YouTube to your own website and share it on Facebook and Twitter and other social media sites.

5 Reasons to use YouTube for hosting

1.  Google Ranking

Videos outperform text for keywords in online searches.  Up to 53% higher! And Google seems to have a bias to YouTube videos versus video hosted on other sharing sites.  Remember: Google owns YouTube.

2.  YouTube is by far the largest video sharing site

Yes, there are plenty of other video sharing sites and there is no harm in posting your video on other sites such as Vimeo. But, if you have gone to the effort of producing a video, don’t you want it to reach the largest possible audience?

3.  YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine

YouTube is a Search Engine and people are actively searching on YouTube every day.  By optimising your video for keywords, you can be found by the right audience.  YouTube will suggest your video to people watching similar videos.

If you post the video directly to your website, only people who land on your page will see it.

Don’t just assume that simply posting a video to YouTube will mean that your video will get thousands of views. 

37 hours of video are uploaded on YouTube every minute.

You need to be able to stand out from the competition by being strategic and encouraging engagement.

4.  Longevity

If you upload your video to Facebook directly, it will be gone within a few days, replaced by other updates.  Have you ever tried to find old posts on Facebook?  In theory, it is all there, but in practice they are very hard to find.  Twitter’s longevity is probably only a few hours.  On YouTube videos will be found for years after they have been uploaded.

This is an extract from my interview with YouTube Expert, James Wedmore.

You can read more about why video is good for your business on Why you need video for your business right NOW.


5.  Views from other sites count as views on YouTube

If you embed your video onto your website from YouTube, as long as you haven’t set it to autoplay, every time someone watches your video on your website, it counts as a view on YouTube.  Every time someone watches it on Facebook or Twitter or any other social network site, it counts as a view.

YouTube videos:

  • with higher views,
  • that have engagement i.e. comments and likes
  • and that are keyword optimised

rank higher in YouTube searches.

Things to remember:

  • Make sure that you have a call to action
  • If you refer to something on your video, make sure it makes sense wherever people watching it.  I have seen videos on YouTube that tell you to book onto the webinar/course or sign up to a newsletter, but there are no links in the description or directions on how to do it.
  • Don’t forget to add your website to your description of the video on YouTube (add the http:// to create a hyperlink)

If you want to learn how to use YouTube to drive traffic to you website, I would highly recommend James Wedmore’s Video Traffic Academy Click Here!.  I have learned so much from him.

[For transparency, this link is an affiliate link, so I will get commission if you decide to go ahead and buy it.]

What are you doing with your videos?

Why you need video for your business right NOW

This a picture of the interview that I did with James Wedmore. Watch the video further down.

Have you been considering whether to use video for your business?  Are you not sure about whether it is worth the time and effort?  Maybe you uncomfortable about being in front of the camera?  If you have answered YES to any of these questions then I suggest you watch this interview I did with James Wedmore who is a YouTube Expert.

He gives brilliant reasons why small business should be using video to market their business.

He also gives great tips on:

  • the value of video
  • getting comfortable in front of the camera
  • how to save time when creating video
  • getting rid of performance anxieties
  • the importance of consistency


Personally, my most powerful moment in the interview was when he said to stop thinking about you when you shoot a video and to think, instead of the content you want to share.  What is your best part?

I would highly recommend Video Traffic Academy because it has taught me such a lot about YouTube.   I was bowled over by quality of the content of the course and I wanted to share it with you.  James over delivers in content and it is absolutely packed with useful and practical information.  The course will appeal to both your left and right hand side of your brain.  The best part of it is that it is all focused on driving traffic to your website and generating business for you. Click Here! (Just so that you know, I am an affiliate so I will earn commission when you buy the product.)

If you want to find out more about James Wedmore his website is
If you still need convincing of the quality of the content offered in the course, watch this short video which he did for Social Media Examiner recently.

I am willing to bet that you learned quite a few tips in the past seven minutes.

To find out more about the Video Traffic Academy Course Click Here!

Let me know which tips have helped you most or struck a chord with you by leaving a comment, thank you.

Your Personal Brand on Social Media

Are you still trying to hide behind a company logo?  Are you still not sure about what to reveal about yourself on Social Media.  I have news for you:

Being bland, faceless and vanilla, doesn’t work on Social Media. 

Forget: Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C).  You need to start thinking

People to People (P2P).

People want to connect with peoplePeople do business with People they know, like and trust.  Social Media is SOCIAL.  It is hard to strike up a relationship with a business spewing sales messages constantly.  So many businesses think that Social Media is a just a free advertising platform.  They constantly broadcast marketing messages and then they wonder why it is not working for them.

As a small business, Social Media offers you a great opportunity to level the playing field, but you need to willing to show that you are a real person.

When we use platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn we let people sample what we are like and form an impression about us over time.  I have had so many phone calls which start with something like, “I have been watching/following you for some time now and I would like to do business with you” from people I haven’t met yet in real life.

When you are yourself, you attract people who are like you to you.  It is incredibly hard work, if not impossible, creating a persona and maintaining it over a long period of time.  It is far easier being yourself.

“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken” Oscar Wilde

I found this very powerful YouTube video from Gary Vaynerchuk, who is a best selling author, very successful wine merchant and Social Media speaker.  I happen to agree with him and would love to know what you think about it.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think about showing your personality on Social Media.  Are you being yourself or are you still hiding?