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Beginner’s guide to Twitter Jargon

Beginners Guide to Twitter Jargon by Nicky KrielWhen you start on Twitter it is easy to get confused by all the abbreviations, strange Twitter jargon and shortened links, but the good news is you can quite easily get to grips with all of it.
The first thing: You only have 140 characters or less to get your message across, and that is why  people on Twitter use abbreviations to save space. Be cautious when you abbreviate – as a rule you want your Tweets to be understood, so always double-check that if you have shortened any words that it still makes sense.
And remember on Twitter: less is more!

It is worth thinking about what exactly you want to say and whether you can say it another way.

Guide to Twitter Direct Messages (DMs)

Guide to Twitter Direct Messages (DMs)Even in a world where public sharing has become the normal, there is a need for private interactions. Did you know that real business is being done behind the scenes on Twitter via Direct Messages? Recent research by Twitter showed that people they considered to be amplifiers or in other words, people who retweeted  other people’s content, were 122% more likely to send direct messages.  According to GlobalWebIndex research 82% of active Twitter users will use their mobile device to private message someone every month.  So what are Twitter Direct Messages and how can you use them for business?

Social Media Round-up of May: What’s New!

Social Media Round Up: What's New by Emma Firth

Guest blogger, Emma Firth gives her monthly Social Media Round-up…

Hello, and welcome to my guest blog looking at the changes affecting small businesses, in particular, that the main social networks have made in May.


After a raft of changes in April, May has been seen another handful of new announcements from the ever-evolving social media giant.

Social Media Round-up of April: What’s New!

Social Media Round Up: What's New by Emma FirthIt’s time for the monthly Social Media round-up of what’s been happening in April by guest blogger, Emma Firth.

Hello, and welcome to my second guest blog looking at the key changes the main social networks have announced this month, particularly those that are relevant to small businesses.
The Easter holidays seem to have made this a quietish month on the changes front, although the usual suspects have still released multiple updates!

Social Media Round-up: What’s New!

Social Media Round Up: What's New by Emma FirthHello, and welcome to my new guest blog post on Nicky Kriel’s site: Social Media Round-up, talking about all of the big changes the main social networks have made this month.

I know small businesses, in particular, are busy, so the idea of this blog is that I round up the key announcements likely to affect you, stopping the need to make constant checks yourself.

10 Tips for Twitter Success [Infographic]

10 Tips for Twitter Success [Infographic]Twitter can be very daunting if you are a business owner just getting started, but it is an incredibly powerful marketing and PR tool for your business.  It is incredibly simple to get to grips when you get over your phobia of Twitter and realise it is about building up relationships with people. Last year I wrote a guest blog post for BT Marketing Solutions about Twitter called Top 10 tips for getting started on Twitter and they created a super Infographic based on the original blog post.

5 Ways to find your ideal customers on Twitter

5 ways to find your ideal customers on TwittterWho is your ideal customer? And do you know how to find them on Twitter?  If you think that “Everyone” is the answer, I really suggest you spend a bit of time defining your customer.  The greater the clarity that you have about who your ideal customer is, the easier it is to find them on Twitter.

Recently, I listened to a great presentation by Neal Schaffer, a Forbes top 5 Social Sales Influencer and author of “Maximize Your Social” on Social Media Examiner’s Social Media Success Summit. He recommended that you need to be able to answer the following questions about your customers.

5 Reasons NOT to link your Facebook feed to Twitter

Don't link Facebook to Twitter.

Don’t link Facebook to Twitter.

Today I was asked by a Twitter Newbie how to link her Facebook to Twitter and my answer was – “Please don’t do it. Just because technology allows you to do things doesn’t mean you should”.  

Automation can be helpful, but not when it stops you thinking.  When you set up your Facebook Page to feed into Twitter everything and I mean EVERYTHING, you post will feed into Twitter.

Here are 5 good reason why you shouldn’t link your Facebook feed to Twitter.

Dee Blick’s new marketing book for your small business

Nicky Kriel and Dee Blick at the 15 Essential Marketing Masterclasses book launch

Photograph courtesy of Laura Drazek

A book may be your best business card, but when you can write a book that is jam-packed with useful information for your readers then everyone wins.  And Dee Blick knows how to write a good book!

Last week I was thrilled to have been asked to speak at Dee Blick’s launch of her new book “The 15 Essential Masterclasses for your small business”.  Dee is the UK’s bestselling author for small business marketing books and her previous book “The Ultimate Small Business Marketing Book” has held the number 1 slot on for the past two years.

I met Dee very briefly at a networking meeting in 2009, she had just published her first book “Powerful Marketing on a Shoestring Budget” and she made enough of an impact on me to buy her book.  I absolutely loved her down-to-earth, practical and useful marketing tips.  So I tweeted about the book and she became one of my first Twitter friends.  Our relationship grew from there.

When Dee asked me if I would contribute to the LinkedIn Masterclass in her new book, I couldn’t say no.

As a contributor, I was able to have a sneak preview of the book before it came out and the book is worth buying just for her first three masterclasses alone!  I would thoroughly recommend that if you are a business owner that you spend a time working through the Masterclasses rather than just reading the book.  Dee Blick’s “The 15 Essential Marketing Masterclasses for your small business” is a gold mine of sensible advice taken from years of hands-on marketing experience with small businesses.

Nicky Kriel speaking at Dee Blick's book launch

Photograph courtesy of Laura Drazek

The book launch was attended by 135 business owners who have all been charmed by Dee over the years.  One of my fellow contributors Robert Clay had never met Dee in real life until the launch evening, but had met her through Twitter and been persuaded to contribute and I noticed that within minutes of meeting her, he was helping her carry boxes of her books.

I was moved by Robert Clay and Ben Locker’s speeches and how much warmth there was in the room towards Dee.  Liz Barnes and Aneela Rose gave mini masterclasses on the chapters they contributed.

Dee’s publishers Capstone, of the Wiley Group seemed delighted by the book launch and even volunteered to help with the book sales on the evening.  Dee has definitely set the benchmark high for book launches!

I am thrilled that Dee Blick is going to be one of my speakers for Spilling the beans on Social Media Summit for small businesses.  She will be talking about how it is very important to get your branding match-fit for Social Media.  And she has even agreed to do a book signing on the day.

Dee Blick’s book The 15 Essential Marketing Masterclasses for your small business can be bought through Amazon. Here is the link to buy the book on and the link for

I am going to be working with another business owner to get my marketing plan written down soon using her book.  Do you have a written marketing plan?  Let me know by leaving a comment below.  I hope I’m not the only one without one.

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