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Social Media News: What’s new December 2015

Social Media News: What's New by Emma FirthGuest blogger, Emma Firth, does her monthly round-up of the Social Media News and what happened in November and the beginning of December 2015.

Lots of interesting updates from a wide variety of networks this month – read on, because there’s sure to be something for everyone and you’re bound to learn something!

Great places to find Twitter chats

Great Places to find Twitter Chats by Nicky KrielTwitter chats or Tweet chats are a great place to network online and increase the visibility of your business. So what is a Twitter chat? It is a live event on Twitter at a set time, using a hashtag so that participants can follow and join the conversation. They are usually moderated and focussed on a particular topic. Most Twitter chats last an hour. The chat can be a special event, but many are at a regular time at a weekly or monthly interval. So how do you find a Twitter chat that is right for you?

Here are great places to find Twitter chats:

Social Media News: What’s new

Social Media News: What's New by Emma FirthGuest blogger, Emma Firth, does her monthly round-up of the Social Media News and what happened in October 2015.

The usual suspects have had a busy month once more, with fewer announcements from the smaller channels. But there’s some interesting stuff bubbling about around the web, no matter which channels you and your customers are using – so here’s the best of it:

5 Ways to use Twitter Lists

It is easy to get overwhelmed by following a large number of people

Some of the questions that I am often asked by people who are new to Twitter are:

  • How do I sort out my followers, there are so many Tweets in my stream?
  • How do you listen to Tweets when there is so much noise?
  • How did I get on a list when I didn’t do anything?
  • One of my friends Tweets 60 Tweets an hour, she is filling up my Twitter Feed:  Is there a way to not see all her Tweets?
  • How do I find people to follow?

All these questions can be answered by using Twitter Lists.

Beginner’s guide to Twitter Jargon

Beginners Guide to Twitter Jargon by Nicky KrielWhen you start on Twitter it is easy to get confused by all the abbreviations, strange Twitter jargon and shortened links, but the good news is you can quite easily get to grips with all of it.
The first thing: You only have 140 characters or less to get your message across, and that is why  people on Twitter use abbreviations to save space. Be cautious when you abbreviate – as a rule you want your Tweets to be understood, so always double-check that if you have shortened any words that it still makes sense.
And remember on Twitter: less is more!

It is worth thinking about what exactly you want to say and whether you can say it another way.

Guide to Twitter Direct Messages (DMs)

Guide to Twitter Direct Messages (DMs)Even in a world where public sharing has become the normal, there is a need for private interactions. Did you know that real business is being done behind the scenes on Twitter via Direct Messages? Recent research by Twitter showed that people they considered to be amplifiers or in other words, people who retweeted  other people’s content, were 122% more likely to send direct messages.  According to GlobalWebIndex research 82% of active Twitter users will use their mobile device to private message someone every month.  So what are Twitter Direct Messages and how can you use them for business?

Social Media Round-up of May: What’s New!

Social Media Round Up: What's New by Emma Firth

Guest blogger, Emma Firth gives her monthly Social Media Round-up…

Hello, and welcome to my guest blog looking at the changes affecting small businesses, in particular, that the main social networks have made in May.


After a raft of changes in April, May has been seen another handful of new announcements from the ever-evolving social media giant.

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