Why Social Selling is important for B2B

Why Social Selling is important for B2BI suspect that one of the first things you do when you thinking of buying anything is that you go online and do a search, am I right?  Your customers aren’t any different. Did you know that 90% of buyers start online? Not only do they start online but Social Media is taking an increasingly important role in helping make buying decisions. And this is true not only for Business-to-Consumer (B2C) but for Business-to-Business (B2B) Markets as well.

Social Media News for February 2016

Social Media News for February 2016 by Emma Firth

Social Media News for February 2016

Guest blogger, Emma Firth returns for the round-up:

Social Media News for February 2016

An interesting month in social media world – not least as it saw Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter publish quarterly results, including their latest user figures. So that’s 1.59bn for Facebook, over 400 million accounts for LinkedIn and 320 active monthly users on Twitter – big numbers all round!

So, those aside, what else has been happening in social media news this month?

Social Media News: What’s new in January 2016

Guest blogger, ESocial Media News: What's New by Emma Firthmma Firth, does her monthly round-up of Social Media news for January 2016:

January has been a quieter-than-usual month in the social media world as everyone gets used to 2016! But, as ever, here’s a highlight of the most important changes and announcements pushed out in the last month:


In the wake of announcing it now has 1.04 billion users daily,

Social Media News: What’s new December 2015

Social Media News: What's New by Emma FirthGuest blogger, Emma Firth, does her monthly round-up of the Social Media News and what happened in November and the beginning of December 2015.

Lots of interesting updates from a wide variety of networks this month – read on, because there’s sure to be something for everyone and you’re bound to learn something!

Great places to find Twitter chats

Great Places to find Twitter Chats by Nicky KrielTwitter chats or Tweet chats are a great place to network online and increase the visibility of your business. So what is a Twitter chat? It is a live event on Twitter at a set time, using a hashtag so that participants can follow and join the conversation. They are usually moderated and focussed on a particular topic. Most Twitter chats last an hour. The chat can be a special event, but many are at a regular time at a weekly or monthly interval. So how do you find a Twitter chat that is right for you?

Here are great places to find Twitter chats:

How Empire.Kred increased my Klout score

How Empire.Kred increased my Klout score by Nicky KrielHow do you measure whether someone understands how use Social Media? While there are a few ways you could do that .Kred and Klout are the best platforms which measure your influence and impact on Social Media at the moment. Neither is perfect. I want to share with you how “playing a game” called Empire.Kred has spilled over and affected my Social Media engagement in a positive way.

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