Social Media Training

Social Media Training for you and your Business

Social Media offers wonderful opportunities to communicate quickly, effectively and cost efficiently with a potential market of millions of customers. Are you using Social Media to its full potential?

My Social Media training courses are designed to help whatever the level of your understanding, whether you are a new users or been using Social Media for some time and feel that you aren’t getting the most of your Social Media presence.Continue reading

Social Media Strategy & Social Media Coaching

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the choices that you need to make on Social Media? Which platforms should you be using, which tools, what content should you post and how often?

Are you feeling frustrated that your Social Media activities seem to suck your time and yet you can’t see the results on your bottom line?

Have you started up Social Media accounts because you felt that you should have a Social Media presence, but lack the enthusiasm to keep updating them and you never seem to get any interaction when you do?Continue reading

Social Media Speaker for your business event


Nicky Kriel speaking at Dee Blick's book launchNicky Kriel is a seasoned public speaker with an expertise on Social Media for Business, with a particular focus on LinkedIn and Twitter and how they can be used for Social Selling. Her passion for Social Media comes across when she speaks. She builds rapport with her audience easily and enjoys Question & Answers sessions with her audience.Continue reading

Social Media Author

Nicky Kriel with How to Twitter for Business Success book. Photograph courtesy of Image by Red
Have you been thinking about using Twitter for your business? Or have you started using Twitter but you’re not too sure if you’re making the most of it? Nicky Kriel, the highly respected Social Media author, coach and trainer, will inspire you to get going and show you how to use Twitter confidently.

How to Twitter for Business Success is aimed at both complete newbies and the more experienced Tweeter wanting to take their knowledge a lot further.Continue reading